We Are Expert Business Attorneys in Atlanta

Look no further for your Atlanta businesses’ legal needs. Whether you’re planning to go public or embark on smaller ventures, we offer the expertise and support of experienced Atlanta business attorneys.

We Help Businesses of all Sizes

David Walker, Atlanta’s business attorney, works with start-up, small, and large businesses. The firm represents business owners that are looking to raise capital, buy a business, sell a business, crowdfunding, or get a new business started.

Raising Capital

Our law firm helps to prepare start-up and small business owners for the process of raising capital through private investors.

Business Purchasing

Our law firm works with business owners to conduct proper legal due diligence on the prospective business and prepare legal documents.

Minority Certification

A minority certification attorney can help business owners prepare the certification applications and better understand the process

Selling A Business

Our attorneys prepare all of the appropriate legal documents, such as nondisclosure agreements and the final sale agreement.


Consult with our attorneys to review your corporate structure and provide advice on how crowdfunding best works for your business

Deal Structuring

Our law firm works with business owners to structure deals so that the details are consistent with the intention of the parties.

How It Works


Contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss your business needs


We partner with you to create a fully personalized strategic plan for your business

Take Action

We execute the plan and help you finalize the steps needed in your business journey

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Our goal is to provide legal services to businesses of all sizes in Atlanta and its surrounding areas. Get in touch with our team today.

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